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Our services

Our services

Our focus area is primarily related to design support. Underground utility survey and processing, feasibility studies, point cloud evaluation, building information modelling (BIM), production of unified utility maps, creation of 3D models and plans, and development of GIS databases. All the services we provide are designed to ensure the most accurate foundation for design, construction and the follow-up.

We are proud to work with our strategic partner Catsurveys Ltd. and the UK's largest utility providers, aviation and road design companies.

Our clients include the biggest UK utility provider companies such as Western Power Distribution, Scottish & Southern Energy, Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, Morgan Sindall, JACOBS SKANSKA, Balfour Beatty and other. 

Quality Policy

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Since its formation in 2013, Bimfra has always focused on being at the forefront of what is technologically and digitally possible in both underground and above-ground data modelling, analysis and display. Our strategy is to provide value added data solutions at all stages of the project lifecycle. We have many years of successful experience in BIM data generation, underground and above-ground utility modelling, point cloud data evaluation and GIS database solutions. 

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As a part of our point cloud evaluation projects, we work closely with our partner companies to provide our customers with high-precision static, mobile laser or drone surveys. Our team produces precise 3D models, special evaluations and 3D site drawings from the obtained LiDAR data, ensuring maximum accuracy. 


In our CAD works, we provide our customers with accurate information  of the existing utility network and the survey site condition for effective planning, development and investment. We process the surveyed data and, if required, carry out the on-site survey using the services of our partners and subcontractors.


Our experienced staff offers unique solutions to our customers in development and maintenance of GIS databases, undertakes development of existing databases, creation of maps  and online platforms. Together with our partners’ team, we provide assistance in utility research, ground penetrating radar and LIDAR surveys securing smooth work processes.


GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a non-destructive underground geophysical imaging technology based on the detection of ground radar electromagnetic wave reflections. The advantage of this method is that it presents a complete 3D sectional view of the surveyed area. It is mainly used for locating voids, underground irregularities, buried objects, utility surveys, determining the condition of pavements and layer testing.

Together with our strategic partner, Catsurveys LTD, we use cutting-edge technology and provide the highest quality data at all depths using Kontur (frequency converter - 200-3000 MHz) technology.


Together with our partners, we provide services in aerial, utility and geodetic surveying. In addition, we advise on the best method to suit the clients’ needs.

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