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About us

About us

We have years of experience in the field of network, infrastructure development and BIM. Using the latest techniques and approaches, we strive to find the best solution to meet our client’s specific needs.


To provide comprehensive digital solutions in the infrastructure and construction industry​​.


To revolutionise asset data management.


Together we are successful and strong​

We trust ourselves and our customers ​ ​

Integrity is our main principle​​

We believe in continuous improvement​

We strive for excellence

Our team

Our company, called Catsurveys Hungary Kft., was founded in 2013. A high level of expertise and dedication to innovation of our employees ensures ongoing  development and growth of the company. In addition to our existing services, we started putting an increased focus on complex solutions that serve long-term needs of our clients. That is why, from 2019, under a new name, as Bimfra Kft., we attend to our customers domestically and internationally, emphasising BIM modelling being our main area of activity.

Ernecová Andrea.jpg

Andrea Ernecová

General manager

I have been working at Bimfra Ltd. since its foundation in 2013. During this time our team successfully built complex and innovative services that we are currently offering and continue improving.   Our dedicated team has a wealth of experience and high-level, internationally recognized qualifications in industry-specific expertise. Our main goal is to establish a strong presence  in domestic and international construction markets providing value added data solutions globally.

Phone: 0036 30 538 4223

BIM manager

Attila Földi


Having been working in the field of digital construction for 15 years, I  gained extensive knowledge and experience in sitework, customer relationship,  innovative BIM solutions and management. In recent years, my focus has shifted to BIM because I believe it is the key to the digital construction industry. I dedicate much time to personal and professional growth. In 2020 I obtained the international BIM Professional Qualification of BSI. I have been involved in several major BIM projects, including coordinating BIM ISO 19650 certification. It is primary for me to introduce our customers to the most efficient BIM solutions.

Phone: 0036 70 578 3750

Horváth Tamás.jpg

Tamás Horváth

Operations manager

I have been working at Bimfra Kft since 2016. I started my career as a technician then I went up the ladder and completed a Master's degree in management at ELTE University and I became a production manager. I consider efficient work guaranteed by our excellent professionals and the preparation of high-quality projects to be the most important thing, which encourages our customers to choose us again and again.

Phone: 0036 1 799-2199

Zulejka Novák

Responsible Business Manager

I started my career at our sister company, Catsurveys Ltd. in 2013. I had the opportunity to learn and get an insight into the operation of the industry in the UK and later use my knowledge and expertise at Bimfra Ltd. By now my main task is to ensure responsible and fair business management in all respects. In our work, we are focusing on our employees, customers, and the environment, as we do believe that this is crucial for the long-term relationship.

Phone: 0036 1 799-2199

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