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Point Cloud

About our service

As part of our point cloud evaluation projects, we work closely with our partner companies to provide our customers with high-precision static or mobile, drone-based, laser surveys. From the LiDAR data obtained in this way, we can later produce accurate 3D models, special evaluations, and 3D site drawings.

LiDAR technology is still evolving, becoming increasingly popular alongside traditional geodesy. While traditional geodetic surveys measure an area for days, LiDAR technology minimises time on site without having to generalise the surveyed objects. Laser technology allows the imaging of every object during the survey. Therefore the necessity of the site revisiting is unlikely. Obviously, due to the increased amount of data, post-processing takes more time. However, using up-to-date software the surveyed data are easily cleaned. Consequently, the operators only need to deal with the relevant objects.

Our team is not only experienced in processing point clouds, but also in the survey process and the post-processing. Our experienced engineers always select the fastest and most automated yet easy-to-control tools from our specific software park keeping the project specification first.

Point Cloud services


Point Cloud Evaluation- Road and Railway 


Bimfra has a great experience in road and railway evaluation. Using special software, such as TopoDOT, MicroStation, coupled with well-designed semi-automatic technology, we evaluate point clouds quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Road and railway extraction _2.PNG
Building modelling
Building modelling

Point Cloud Evaluation- Building 


LiDAR geodesy is the most efficient method to track the life of a building, start renovation work or assess its condition.

From the point cloud survey, our experts create linear documentation or 3D models. Our experienced Revit specialists produce centimetre-level accurate 3D models. This enables filtering facades, engravings, and other architecturally relevant data without the need for architects to handle  a vast volume of point cloud.

Point Cloud Cleaning Methods and Animation


LiDAR surveys often contain information that is unnecessary for the project, such as passers-by, cars or birds, which distract from the relevant objects to be in focus. Consequently, the point cloud data needs to be cleaned up.

This process is easily carried out by our experienced colleagues using semi-automatic technology. Afterwards, from the clean point cloud we are able to make videos and animation, which can be a perfect presentation for a reconstruction, clash detection or a visual design presentation.

Point Cloud cleaning Methods and animation

Altron Grid Project



During the evaluation of the point cloud, we created a BIM-compatible model to facilitate the renovation works.

Alton Grid Substation project 2.tif
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