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About our service

We, together with our partners provide survey assistance in aerial, utility or geodesic surveying - all based on the best practice.

Other services

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We use a drone (helicopter or a fixed-wing plane, depending on the size of the area) to fly over the subject area, taking high-resolution photographs later used to produce real orthographic images.


To overcome drone camera limitations, we generate a high-quality, accurate surface model or a point cloud evaluation from the drone-generated images created by photogrammetry. Therefore, in addition to high-resolution orthographic, geolocated images, we produce 3D data from the survey.


From this aerial survey we can obtain extractable orthographic images and point clouds. A Pix4D package is also available from the survey, which can be then integrated directly into TopoDOT and evaluated using the built-in automatic and semi-automatic methods.

LIDAR felmérés



We perform TLS (static), MLS (mobile), ALS (aeronautical) and ULS (drone) laser scanner surveys together with our partners. Nowadays, this is the most detailed method to capture objects, as the device examines the emitted reflection of the lasers and based on this it creates a 3D point cloud model.


The survey takes considerably less time in comparison to traditional geodetic methods. Besides, the result can be used more than once and there is less chance of any object being missed, since in a laser survey all visible objects are marked and the result is generalised during the evaluation. After the survey we export results in LAS, .PD, .E57 and other formats using which we can immediately begin 3D modelling.



We take high-resolution photos and videos from the specified object. Based on the extracted images with the help of software we create a 3D-coloured model of the given object.


Our experienced specialists can quickly take photos of any requested objects. Although this technology is not an accurate engineering method, it may be sufficient in many situations. At the software level, the photos are converted into a 3D mesh model, which is then finalised into .OBJ or another 3D format.


Budapest Airport Project


The main task of the project was to survey and model the underground utility networks.

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