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About our service

In our CAD works, we provide our customers with accurate information  of the existing utility network and the survey site condition for effective planning, development and investment. We process the surveyed data and, if required, carry out the on-site survey using the services of our partners and subcontractors.

Our CAD projects include processing and visualisation of the surveyed data. The plans of the processed data provide information on the condition of the ground, objects, and utilities and their location. These 2D or 3D maps provide a solid and reliable base for later planning and can be used by the clients for condition assessment, condition recording and development.
In our projects we mostly use AutoCAD, Microstation, Revite. However, we can always adapt to the needs of our customers by using the programme of their preference.





We digitise analogue maps and plans; and evaluate orthophotos. Having been digitised, the maps of the utilities running in the building become much more useful, and far easier to edit and share.
This can be useful if the customer does not have a digitised map of the utilities running in the building. The quality of the completed product during digitization is largely dependent on the quality of the original maps’ material. In most cases,  the finished product is in dwg, dgn, pdf format depending on the customer's choice.

Utility site plan

Utility site and feasibility plan


Our main profile is data processing and documentation from utility research in accordance with “PAS 128: 2014 Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location” regulations. Always keen to provide innovative technical solutions to our clients, we developed an approach that simplifies the maintenance of the airport utility database during our work for Morgan Sindall and Heathrow Airport.

HDD planning


This type of service is used for utility planning when open trenching is not possible due to rail, river, highway or other special engineering difficulties.

After careful feasibility assessment of the drilling without demolition, the designs are created and presented in various document formats, for example, 2d, 3d, dwg, dng, rvt, or pdf.

horizontal driectional drill.tif

Steeple Claydon Project

The aim of the project was railway crossing with guided drilling.

Steeple Claydon1.tif
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