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About our service

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a non-intrusive underground geophysical imaging method based on the detection of wave reflections. The advantage of this method is that we get a full 3D sectional view of the surveyed area. It is mainly used for locating cavities and buried objects, utility surveys, determining the condition of pavements and layer analysis.


Together with our strategic partner, Catsurveys LTD, we use cutting-edge technology and provide the highest quality data at all depths using 3D radar (step-frequency - 200-3000 MHz) technology.


GPR analysis, or so-called office post-processing, means evaluation of a radargram that determines the positions and depth of the different types of buried objects.


The drawings produced from the survey become a foundation for the efficient design and execution of the subsequent engineering works. At Bimfra Kft., our specialists have been working with the drawings method for over 4 years, and with the radar analysis for 2 years.

GPR Analysis services 

Utility survey

Utility Survey


The instrument, which is suitable for large-scale data recording in a relatively short period of time, can detect underground operational and decommissioned utility network elements during the survey in a non-intrusive way.

For a feasibility study, for example, it is essential to identify areas for further survey work, or to detect any potential clashes with the proposed plan, or presence of any free area and unknown infrastructure (e.g., culverts / cavities) that can affect installing new utility networks.

Condition survey


Our service gives an accurate picture of the condition, for example of the bridge deck. Areas marked in blue in the image are more likely to deteriorate faster.

The applied technology allows us to determine different layer thicknesses over the entire surveyed area.

Condition survey
Condition survey-determining the asphalt depth and concrete layer
Condition survey- Determining the asphalt depth and concrete layer

Condition survey - Determining depths of the asphalt and concrete layers


Determining the depth and thickness of the asphalt and concrete layers around expansion joints is an important milestone in the condition assessment of bridge structures. Representation of the mapped layers is possible in both cross-sectional, longitudinal and contour map-like ways. The applied GPR technology allows localising underground cracks and areas of delamination, which highlight deterioration in the pavement.

Condition survey - Detection of reinforcing steel in the structural beam of bridges


The location and condition of the reinforcing bars in the structural beams of the bridges can also be determined via our GPR analysis service.

Detection of reinforcing steel in the structural beam of bridges
Detection of reinforcing steel in the structural beam of bridges

Building Modelling Project

During the evaluation of the point cloud, we created a 3D building model.

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