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About our service

Our experienced staff offers unique solutions to our customers in development and maintenance of GIS databases, undertakes development of existing databases, creation of maps  and online platforms. Together with our partners’ team, we provide assistance in utility research, ground penetrating radar and LIDAR surveys securing smooth work processes.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a scheme for data collection, management, and analysis integrating a wide range of data. It analyses the objects, their spatial location, displays the data in a graphic digital shape, and serves to observe and model geographical phenomena. These types of services are becoming more and more popular these days, as they support the user to make the best decision possible.

GIS and other services


Digital map producing

We prepare, inspect and supplement digital maps, and if necessary, correct errors, including topological ones. These tasks are performed using already available raster and vector master data. Should the customer require, we can assist in obtaining basic data with the support of our partners in the survey, if the need arises.

Digital map producing
Data integration

Data integration

We integrate descriptive and map data by carrying out necessary integration transformations on various maps and databases, such as scanning, digitising, transforming, geocoding, format conversion and data matching.

Design and implementation of GIS systems

We help our clients develop and implement a GIS system that meets their specific needs. Our employees are also actively undergoing professional development  training. We use open-source solutions for the most cost-effective results.

GIS system

Széchenyi Chain Bridge Project


We created a 3D modell of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest.

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