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Quality policy


To revolutionise asset data management


To provide comprehensive digital solutions in the infrastructure and construction industry

Together we are successful and strong
We trust ourselves and our customers  
Integrity is our main principle
We believe in continuous improvement
We strive for excellence



Our services

Bimfra Kft. processes field data, surveys underground utilities, prepares feasibility studies, evaluates point cloud data, building information modelling, builds GIS databases, purchase of utility drawings, and supports telecommunications network restoration.
Our main goal is to gain good reputation by our products and services, hence attracting new and existing customers and increase the stability of the company in the market.
In the focus of our services stands all interested parties/clients and we constantly endeavour to meet the needs, even the individual’s ones, of our customers.
We produce our products in accordance with customer expectations, applicable regulations, technical expediency and in the sense of reliability and user-friendly.
We consider the importance of the good relationship with our suppliers, with whom we are acquainted with and adhere to our quality management principals and rules. 
The owner, managers and all employees of Bimfra Kft. are committed to the establishment, operation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Our goal is to make our products evenly, in the best possible quality, and thus to meet the expected needs of our customers and stakeholders.

Andrea Tóth-Ernecová

General Manager

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