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Presentation at BME on Infrastructure BIM: Preparing the Engineers of the Future

I am very pleased to share that we had the opportunity once again to give a presentation at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) on the topic of Infrastructure BIM, where we showcased the latest developments and trends to BSc BIM specialization and BIM engineering students.

During the presentation, we focused on how to effectively apply Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology in the design and implementation of infrastructure. This allowed us to share not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences with the students, helping them to be better prepared for future challenges and opportunities.

University presentations are extremely important to us because we believe that educating and supporting the next generation is crucial for professional development and innovation. We are proud to contribute to expanding students' knowledge and promoting the BIM approach.

Thank you to BME and all participants for the opportunity and interest! We also welcome any questions, feedback, and collaboration opportunities in the field of construction and education. For more information:

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