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At Bimfra Kft., It is important for us that our colleagues are informed and able to get acquainted with the novelties of the profession. Therefore, we provide an opportunity for our employees to participate in various lectures and training as required.

Bimfra Ltd. recently had the opportunity to participate in the Global GPR Congress virtual event. The aim of the event was to bring together new and experienced GPR users for open discussions and learning through shared ideas and experiences.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a non-intrusive underground geophysical imaging method based on the detection of wave reflections. The advantage of this method is that we get a full 3D sectional view of the surveyed area. It is mainly used for locating cavities and buried objects, utility surveys, determining the condition of pavements and layer analysis.

Katalin Papp, our GPR specialist, represented Bimfra on this conference and had the chance to hear many exciting and interesting presentations, from homemade equipment to the relationship between AI and GPR. The most interesting and impressive performance for him was the search for corpses with a GPR set among the ruins of a collapsed building. It’s a pretty sad topic, but it also proves the versatility of this method.

Together with our strategic partner, Catsurveys LTD, we use cutting-edge technology and provide the highest quality data at all depths using 3D radar (step-frequency - 200-3000 MHz) technology.

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