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It was a great pleasure for us that together with our partners we successfully applied for and won the tender of 2020-1.2.3-EUREKA-2021-00001.

Tender Information:

  • Project name: A central system to support the automated testing and operation of vehicles

  • Project ID: 2020-1.2.3-EUREKA-2021-00001

  • Date of assessment: 28.05.2021.

  • Total cost of the project: 673 160 141 Ft

  • Amount of subsidy at the project level: 495,538,602 HUF

  • Subsidy amount for Bimfra Kft.: HUF 27,013,588

  • Intensity of subsidy: 73.61%

The subject of the project: The aim of the project is to develop a central based transportation system, that supports the testing and operation of autonomous vehicles by integrating the latest state-of-art technologies and using raw and higher-level data from the sensors deployed in the infrastructure, especially for sensing the environment and controlling vehicles centrally. Within the framework of the project, we consider it our primary task to develop and implement a central system that initially supports the validation of various tests and functions closely related to the automated vehicles connected to the network.

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