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Volunteering- K&H Gyógyvarázs (MagicCure) programme

Social Responsibility has always had a prominent part in our company’s life. We constantly try to help those in need as it feels good to do good for others.

Healing with tales

In 2018 we joined the K&H Gyógyvarázs (MagicCure) programme, which aims to contribute to the emotional healing of sick children. The purpose of the programme is to support ill children, cheer them up with the healing power of tales.The volunteer readers’ tales are being recorded and uploaded to K&H gyógyvarázs YouTube channel to be played on Ipads and other devices to the children in order to help them go through their treatment.

Continuing with the volunteering, our colleagues visited a children’s health institution participating in the programme to entertain the children with fairy-tales and playing games.

Our colleagues said:

„We had a wonderful time; the children were all very open to play with us. We did puzzles, card games and they seemed to like all of these. It warmed our hearts to see that we are able to help their recovery with the joyful we time spent together.”

„It is never easy to see ill children, so I was afraid that I would not be able to handle being there. When I stepped into the hospital room, my heart sank. Then we started to talk and play, and I could saw on their faces how much happiness and joy this brings them. And for me it meant recharging and I felt good, that by being there I could help them heal even if just a little. I would gladly go back again anytime.”

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