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BWT Hindukush expedition 2023

We are pleased to be one of the main sponsors of the 2023 Dávid Klein and Bence Kerekes Hindukush expedition together with our sister company Catsurveys Ltd

Bence, dedicated climbers of the National Mountain Climbing Team, along with their mentor David, had been diligently preparing for the highly anticipated Hungarian Hindukush expedition of the year.

Their objective once again was to conquer a technically challenging "Seven Thousand" Hungarian climb.

Throughout the expedition, we remained connected and well-informed through regular newsletters and satellite phone calls.

While the BWT Hindukush Expedition did not culminate in reaching the summit, we cannot help but feel an immense sense of pride for their remarkable achievement.

As we reflect on their courageous endeavor, we are reminded that the true essence of anything including business lies not in the destination itself but rather in the transformative power of the journey.

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